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Logo Stress Items make cost effective and long lasting Corporate Promotional Items when printed with your brand. They are fun and captivating, gauranteeing multiple impressions of your message.


As marketing and corporate gifts, Stress Toys are available in many styles from Stress Balls to Unique Shapes with 1 to 4 colour printing available to cater for your requirements.


Here are just a few options, all with online pricing available. Click through the images to see the specific range of printable Stress Shapes available with many logo branding options, or view our full range of promotional Stress Toys here


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Stress Balls


Where it all started - the classic "ball" shaped Stress Releiver, in all its basic variants, available with multi colour branding to suit your image.

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Sports and Fitness Stress Shapes


Great range of activity oriented Stress Relieving shapes - Print on 1 to 4 colours to match your brand.

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Transportation Stress Toys


Freight, Cargo and Transport shaped Stress Relievers available with Multi-Colour prints.

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Medical & Pharmacy Stress Toys


Cost effective Pharmacuetical and Medicine shaped Stress Toys for local printing in 1-4 colours.

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Food Shaped Stress Items


Good enough to eat! - Stand out with this range of unique shaped stress relievers - printable in multiple colours for your next campaign.

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Full Colour Printed Stress Shapes

We now can offer a multy colour or full colour print onto most of our stress shapes !

We can do this by using our plastisol trusters option


How can You use Promotional Stress Ball?

A stress ball is the fun toy that can be used at an event as a giveaway at a trade show or just as promotional product with your name or logo in it.

Stress shapes come in all sorts of shapes and colours and will help you build brand recognition, have fun, relieve tension, prepare for a product launch, be different, a good promotional item, and so much more.


Remember, a fun stress ball or a funny one is more likely to be in everyone’s favorite and provide many of the benefits that of the round shape would.

Other Stress Shapes


Grab something different to broaden your reach - wide range of stress shapes and styles to suit most events.

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Automotive Stress Relievers


Dealing with the Auto Trade? - check out this collection of Stress Toys to help you market your business.

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Animal Shape Stress Toys


Who says Stress Relievers need to be boring? - Print your logo on these cute animals

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Environmentally Aware Stress Shapes


Eco Aware Stress Shapes, custom pinted for a high visbility marketing tool

Check out the range here


Stress Shape Keyrings


Quirky and Fun  - now totally mobile - Large variety of shapes for Stress Toys on your Keyrings

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Tips for Using Custom Printed Promotional Stress Shapes


Stress relievers are made from moulded foam and it is this that gives them their robustness and flexibility. Clients love them because, health and safety considerations aside, promotional stress balls can be thrown onto the floor, at a wall or simply squeezed in a hand to help relieve a stressful situation.

Off course they can also provide additional functionality dependent upon their shape and size. Stress shapes can be supplied in the form of mobile phone holders for desktops or even smaller shapes with a keyring and keyfob attached. Promotional stress shapes are therefore very flexible. What’s more they are available in a very wide range colours.

Pesonalised promotional stress balls are great gifts to use in goodwill building and brand recognition campaigns. They do leave a long lasting impression and help to generate awareness and loyalty towards a brand. Their relatively low cost and print runs means that most clients can find a suitable promotional stress reliever for their campaign and budgets.

As with any promotional gifts, there are a few tips that are important to consider when choosing the right stress relievers for a campaign. These include:

  • Objectives: it is important to set objectives for any promotional campaign and this applies to products such as personalised stress balls. It is important to set down the reasons for using stress relievers and just what you want to acheive, be it sign ups to a new product introduction, visitors to a website or simply to reward client loyalty. The important point is to quantify your objectives and give them a time frame.
  • Budget: financial considerations also apply because personalised stress balls whilst having a relatively low unit cost do vary. Bespoke items also involve a tooling cost which can be substantial.
  • Theme: once you have a set theme for a campaign, selecting stress balls or stress shapes that tie into the promotion is important. Stress shapes are available to suit a number of themes including animals, food, sports and transport.
  • Corporate Identity: a good marketing rule is never to laugh at your own brand. Promotional stress shapes and relievers can be used in a very constructive way but it is important that the chosen products reinforce the brand image and corporate identity.